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Seeing Les Misérables in London as a child sparked the desire to be in performing arts. 


Hearing Clarence Clemons’ solo on Bruce Springsteen’s “Jungleland” as a slightly older child is what started the path towards audio. 


And yet, Sebastian got into sound design almost by accident. It was senior year at Bard College and he was helping to mount a student run one act festival. One of the directors asked if he'd be willing to play some music for their show. He agreed. The rest of the directors heard about this, assumed that meant "sound design" and came calling with their own inquiries. He agreed to help them as well and something clicked. 


He has since designed for multiple productions in New York at Theater for the New City, Under St. Marks, Dixon Place, and the New York Fringe Festival. During quarantine, he began to hone his chops as a composer, as well as taking a greater interest in audio for video games and the inventive methods designers in that medium create their content.


He is is a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University where he was pursuing his MFA in sound design. He is looking forward to furthering his development as a sound designer and composer in theater, film, and games.  

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