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Shakespeare Live '23



Directed by: Brian Crowe

Scenic Design: Brian Ruggaber

Costume Design: Oona Natesan

Lighting Design: Steve Beckel

sound design: Sebastian Gutierrez


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Directed by: AC Horton

Scenic Design: Sarah Beth Hall

Costume Design: Austin Conlee

Lighting Design: Steve Beckel

Sound Design: Sebastian Gutierrez


Tour Manager: Lauren Cap

Photos by: Sarah Haley

Midsummer's Lovers

Macbeth's Ritual

Midsummer's Fairies

Macbeth Aside

Midsummer's Spells

Macbeth's Fight

Midsummer's Mechanicals

Macbeth's Witches

Produced by Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

Toured March-May 2023

23 Midsummer LIVE_Sarah Haley_367 edit.jpg
23 Macbeth LIVE_Sarah Haley_262 edit.jpg
23 Macbeth LIVE_Sarah Haley_458 edit.jpg
23 Midsummer LIVE_Sarah Haley_588 edit.jpg
23 Midsummer LIVE_Sarah Haley_062 edit.jpg
23 Macbeth LIVE_Sarah Haley_071 edit.jpg
23 Midsummer LIVE_Sarah Haley_277 edit.jpg
23 Macbeth LIVE_Sarah Haley_401 edit.jpg
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